Thursday, December 20, 2007

Giant Vagina Stuns Helsinki

The Finnish Society for Aesthetics has granted to the artist Mimosa Pale The Aesthetic Action of the Year 2007 Prize for her sculpture Mobile Female Monument. The jury, comprising the professors Pauline von Bonsdorff and Jyrki Siukonen, calls Mobile Female Monument "a surreal and at the same time a very humane work of art which simultaneously depicts both public and personal space. Seen from afar, the Gogolian giant nose on wheels reveals itself on a closer look to be a female reproductive organ. Pale invites passers-by to crawl inside the piece and be re-born there".

From The Finnish Society for Aesthetics site:

"The Finnish Society of Aesthetics has from 1997 on nominated The Aesthetic Action of the Year and awarded its maker with an honorary prize. The prize is awarded annually by a changing jury consisting of 3-5 persons, including members of the governing body of the society and other experts. The honorary prize is awarded to a person or community, which by his/hers/its activity, products or thoughts has promoted discussions on art, beauty and aesthetic values. The prize is made public on the day of the annual meeting of the Finnish Society of Aesthetics."

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