Monday, February 04, 2008

Blastromen: 'Blasteroids' EP + A New Website

Blastromen, a Finnish electro act recording for Turku's X0X Records, have a new Website at, which also includes some samples of their sounds, as does their MySpace page. Blastromen's latest release is:

Artist: Blastromen
Title: Blasteroids EP
Format: vinyl 12" X0X005
Label: X0X Records
Date: "ASAP"


A1. Blasteroids (6:38)
A2. Body Snatchers (6:33)
B1. Escaping Don't Compute (6:23)
B2. Concealing Ancient Alien Dynasty (6:26)

For those interested in X0X Records, there's an old (2002) interview @ pHinnWeb.

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