Sunday, March 30, 2008

Musti Laiton: Megacity Chillout

Roope Seppälä, Ville Pitkänen and Reima Tuovinen from Helsinki are the experimental/electronic/ambient act Musti Laiton (translates as "Blackie Lawless", as with the vocalist of the 1980s notorious glam-metal act W.A.S.P.), who have released a new album, Megacity Chillout. Responsible for the album's cover art is the legendary Läjä Äijälä (of Terveet Kädet/Billy Boys/Leo Bugariloves/Sultans fame). The album is released under Creative Commons licence 2.5. and is available as a free of charge Web release and CD release (TEMMI-0005).


01 Expanding fintelligent design
02 Crazy snake
03 In this cave we have lived
04 Megacity nights
05 Now gimme vocals
06 Megacity chillout
07 Tunnelma pilalla

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