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News from Verdura Records

Design for Kompleksi's forthcoming T-shirt

News from Helsinki's Verdura Records:

Hi folks.

Been a while and so on. Hope you're doing well. We're thrilled to tell you a thing or two so here's another dose of Verdura related news.


New release! Out soon!

KOMPLEKSI: Sister Longlegs Dances in the Disco LP (October 2008)

- The future of electronic music in a way it will never happen. This two-piece from Tampere (pHinn & Mike Not) create some of the catchiest oddball "eclectro" ever produced in this country of ours. Haunting, taunting, outstandingly peculiar and most importantly - totally convincing. Classic stuff. Sister Longlegs is Kompleksi's debut full-length, recorded between
2002-2006 and released previously only as mp3 downloads on Beatport. We are proud and overtly excited to put it finally out on vinyl.
- Art work, information, mp3s:
- Price: 12 EUR (+postage)
- There will also be a batch of Kompleksi T-shirts sometime soon - we'll provide information of those later on our website.

*** We have 100 copies of Kompleksi's Lovechild / Moscow 1980 7" single (released by Lal Lal Lal) which we are giving away (!!) for people who purchase the new LP directly from us. Please note: some shops and distributors might have copies of Sister Longlegs LP including these freebies but that's not granted. If you want to be sure that you'll get one, safest way is to buy the LP from us. Note: 7" features an alternative version of 'Moscow 1980' and 'Lovechild' is also soundwise a bit different due to the cutting/mastering of the LP ***

The long-awaited surely-to-be-a-happening debut gig of Kompleksi is at the Lal Lal Lal Festival at Helsinki's Kantis on October 3rd - hopefully we'll get the records from the pressing plant before that.


Forthcoming releases:


- If one would come up to me and ask "what kind of bands do you like", I could easily say "for example bands like Candy Cane." I'm not talking about any musical style in particular. It's the way that this band works that is fascinating. They've got a lot going on in the 'I respect that' section; not making the obvious moves, the constant urge to surprise and challenge the listeners, not being afraid of making people uncomfortable by being harsh but on the other hand not ashamed of bringing delightful pop elements into their songs etc. Some of you most likely know their history; they started way back in '95 as a standard indie rock/pop type of group. A few years ago the band seriously middlefingered their past and released a jaw-dropping Fay-Ra-Doowra album on Jukeboss, mixing together avant rock, black metal, hardcore, pop and quite a lot of what roams around and between those aforementioned styles. Not making it sound like uninsprired fusion crap is a merit of its own but making an album as strong as Fay-Ra-Doowra is something really worth mentioning. Thumbs up boys. We're eager to hear what's coming up next.
- No release schedule yet. The band is recording the material at the moment.
We'll provide more information as soon as we know more.


- This one has been in our 'forthcoming' list for a while but now it seems like things are finally taking some shape. Their classic old lineup is gone as Kare called it quits. He will keep on drumming in the lines of The Protestants and Freecity Mulkvists and baking the tastiest bread in Helsinki at GoodPie Bakery. Luckily for MG they've gotten a steady replacement (Jussi from Kirlian Crossing that is) and according to a couple of shows I have seen it is safe to say that they still kick ass more than anyone else and define what good music is about. My annual survey says it all, the one that I keep on doing to find out the Best Band In The Whole Wide World. So far it's always been Mother Goose. Possibly the results are not 100% reliable because I'm the only one who is justified to answer but nevertheless you can't hide from the fact that Mother Goose just happens to be the absolutely best thing you can append to guitars, mics and drums.


- Not forgotten, a vinyl from HS will be out as soon as the band gets the material together. Which might be tomorrow or 2012. You just wait. And while you waiting - check out their newest Hasardi CD on Ikuisuus.


Other news:

Kirlian Crossing has launched their fourth series of downloadable albums, free-of-charge as always in their case. Repeat and repeat is the title, it contains nine volumes and the first part is already out. Check them at

Magyar Posse is currently doing a soundtrack to Petri Hagner's film Aldebaran Rising. The premiere is in Pori on October 17th and 18th at Palmgren Opisto. At least on this occasion the band will perform live with the film. More information at

A couple of gigs in Helsinki that we're somehow involved in:

- September 30th at Semifinal: Hetero Skeleton + Talibam! (US)
- October 4th at Kantis (Boring as Fuck club): Drowning Nation + Pahaa Verta
+ Urban Unrest
- October 18th at Liberte: Can Can Heads + Nazca + Lockman


That's it again for the time being. The sun is actually shining in Helsinki and it's not raining even though it's Autumn. Who would have believed it.

Take care,

janne [at]

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