Friday, September 11, 2009

Randy Barracuda: New Album and Video

Randy Barracuda: 'Ketamine Strut' [official video] (Animation, design and editing by David Giese.)

Randy Barracuda of Imatran Voima has his first solo album of electro-funk and skweee out now on Flogsta Danshall. You can listen to some its tracks on the MySpace pages of Randy Barracuda and Flogsta Danshall.

Artist: Randy Barracuda
Title: Randy Barracuda
Format: LP FDLP2
Label: Flogsta Danshall (Sweden)
Date: 9 September 2009


A1. Tähtien Lapsi (1:52)
A2. Skweee Like A Pig (3:34)
A3. Hungry For Another Touch (4:03)
A4. Overnight Romancin (5:28)
B1. Ketamine Strut (5:09)
B2. Duck Butter (3:25)
B3. I Am Coming (3:03)
B4. Love Axe/Heavy Metal (5:27)

Credits: Bass - Eero Johannes (tracks: A4)
Cz-101 - SLA (2) (tracks: B1, B4)
Marsh Uds Electronic Percussion - Pavan (tracks: B3)
Michael Black Electro appears on A3 and B4.
Mama Africa and The Afro B. Logic Singers appear on B3.

Notes: Mastered by Pete Salone at Silencio. Mixed by Imatran Voima. To Linda with love. © 2009 Flogsta Danshall - Pyrkimys Menestykseen.

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