Friday, December 30, 2005

Metempsychosis Metamorphosis

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"Metempsychosis Metamorphosis" (29 December 2005) © pHinn 2005

In the 1950s two schoolboys received messages from outer space with their home-made wireless. And not only from space but also from the future, or more exactly, from all our possible futures. Skillfully manipulating wavelengths, they could also contact the dearly departed in the afterworld. There were a lot of things their Eisenhowerian parents lulling in their suburban post-war existence of Cadillacs and hydrogen jukeboxes didn't want the boys know. Regardless, haunted by wet dreams and disturbed by nocturnal emissions, the boys' first sexual awakening took a crash course and came in the form of restless electricity dancing purple and blue through their spinal cords.

All through the night their primitive transmitter sang and revealed them secrets about cosmic nymphs, the double helix of DNA, ancient molecular knowledge, orbital trajectories, quantum uncertainties, metempsychosis, secret societies of sexual occultists, psychedelic black ops, Orpheus in Hades, Maya Deren's dreams, pataphysical inevitabilities, metamorphosis, and the penile dysfunctions of the US presidents. A midget gave a lecture on nuclear physics. Life on Earth, as we know it, developed out of garbage thrown down from flying saucers. -- With all my subtlety of a bull in china shop, unable to kiss the right people's asses and managing to piss off the wrong people, I spent my days waiting for that Damoclean letter from the unemployment office, expecting for the start of my career as the cleaner of construction sites. The alternative, plain and simple: cease to exist.

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