Thursday, December 01, 2005

Momus On Finnish Youth Styles

The cult pop intellectual Momus (a.k.a. Nick Currie) comments here the looks of Finnish youngsters you can see at Hel-Looks site:

"It's understandable, if a bit depressing, that so many Finns are wearing H&M, the Ikea of the garment trade ... And why are so many Finn-teens wannabe Japanese? ... back in the 90s the Japanese did these styles so much better than today's Finns ... Japanese teens in 1997 looked totally 21st century, whereas Jenni and Aaron ... in 21st century Helsinki, look horribly, terminally, criminally 1997 ... I can't help thinking that cities and their styles are quite closely tied to economics, and that there's a pecking order, with global cities like New York, London and Paris inevitably sporting more creative street fashion than second division provincial cities like Helsinki ... Enhancing versions of the traditions of your locality, rather than copying the Japanese styles of the last decade, is the way to dress in a fresh and contemporary way, it seems to me."

I wonder what Mr. Currie would think about the Finnish pissis style favoured by teenage girls...?


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