Monday, March 06, 2006

The Best Underground Man in Tampere 2001

City magazine of Tampere has this annual competition called "The Best of Town". There are different categories, such as the best restaurants, clubs, specialized stores, persons in some specific field of life, and so on. In 2001 I was chosen as "The Best Underground Man in Town".

Above you can see the diploma I was given. This "award" was the subject of some hilarity among certain aquaintances of mine: it may be thought that if a trendy "style guide" like City chooses you as the best underground man, that will probably demolish all underground credibility one might hope to possess. Anyway, this may be considered the zenith of my "career"...

(By the way, Mika Rättö of the band Kuusumun Profeetta and other various artistic activities was chosen by the local City mag as the Best Underground Man in Pori, also in 2001.)

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