Friday, March 17, 2006

[MP3] 'Bioluminescence' by Kompleksi

You can now hear the Kompleksi track called 'Bioluminescence' (made in collaboration with Vaasa's Citizen Omega aka Mr. Eero Salminen) at Kompleksi's MySpace site. (The lyrics here.) I also changed a new Kompleksi pic (see above) to the site, where you can see our oh-so-ultra-sexxxy mugs and that pHallic symbol/landmark towering over our homebase Tampere: the Näsinneula observation tower.

There will be more MP3s of our tracks there soon, but so far we've experienced some technical problems in trying to transfer soundfiles... Also, 228 friends/artistic influences on Kompleksi's Friendspace when writing this.

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