Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Drexciya Research Lab

Through Wikipedia's Drexciya page I found this blog called Drexciya Research Lab giving in-depth analysis to all things Drexciya, Dopplereffekt and their various offshoot projects.

Drexciya was a widely acclaimed Detroit techno/electro/ambient act headed by James Stinson (who sadly passed away in 2002), with some classic releases for such labels as Underground Resistance, Rephlex and Clone. Stinson was assisted by Gerald Donald, familiar for his own Dopplereffekt act, whose minimal electro sound emulated Kraftwerk and early synthpop, with some controversial song lyrics varying from the joys of being a porno star to the sterilization of human race. Both Drexciya and Dopplereffekt were shrouded in mystery, with any photographs of group members being virtually non-existent (or at least extremely rare). There are such further Stinson/Donald acts in existence as Glass Domain, Japanese Telecom and Arpanet, keeping any collector perfectionists constantly on their toes.

Drexciya Research Lab also has a mother site of the same name, giving a namecheck to pHinnWeb at its links ("The classic and much read Phinnweb page" for Drexciya).


Some related videos @ YouTube here and here.

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