Monday, July 24, 2006

Goodbye Leatherjacket

My leatherjacket was stolen on Saturday night. This was mostly because of my own carelessness, of course. As usual, I had left it to Yo-Talo's unguarded VIP space for jackets (where you do this on your own responsibility), not to the regular cloakroom, just to save one euro or so. So my own stinginess is partly to blame. I felt safe about this because nothing has happened to my jacket there before, but these things always happen when you are unprepared for them. Bouncers told me that I might report it to police but I doubt this would be much use.

I got this jacket, originating from the 70s, a couple of years ago from my mother's man who had outgrown it. It was really cool then, not an actual trenchcoat (I'm not any goth, for chrissakes) but its length almost to my knees and with a belt, giving it some dark mafia or Gestapo style, nevertheless. The jacket has not been in the best shape in ages, having been ripped open at seams in several places, and I had given it countless repairs myself. Still, it had a lot of personal value to me, so I felt really sad and angry about this. And my birthday will be on Wednesday, so what a great birthday gift this was. I put a curse on the unknown wanker who took it -- whether in a bout of drunken idiocy or as a more premeditated theft -- so I hope there's someone out there dying very slowly and painfully on an internal bleeding before too long. Well, probably now I've got nothing else to do than to start searching to purchase a new leatherjacket (hopefully a used one or at a bargain price since my budget for these things is still somehow limited). Any tips welcome, especially in Tampere area.

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LiinaH said...

Ooh. Mine hasn't been stolen once, but Paapi's got about four jackets pinched from the "VIP" cloakroom.

I'd imagine Pelastusarmeija and Fida charity stores are cheaper than UFF. But if you happen to wander out to the countryside for some reason, I would urge you to check out the local thrift stores. After my previous coat got ruined by tree sap, I got a new (used) one for 5 euros at a church sale in - where else? - Jalasjärvi.