Saturday, November 25, 2006

Viihde-Elektroniikka: "Submit To My Regime" (12")

After the recommendation from a fellow electro fan, DJ Autobass (check out the site for Resistanssit electro party where he will also spin records), I just purchased from Voltti Records this excellent new 12" from an act called Viihde-Elektroniikka (it translates as something like "entertainment electronics", the Finnish word for consumer electronics...).
Don't let the "heroic" heavy metal type of sleeve deceive you, stylistically this release is quite Detroit-type of pounding, minimal electro. pHinnWeb recommends!

Check some sound samples from Viihde-Elektroniikka site. All I know about the people behind this release (thanks for the info to Ville Sahlakari) is that its producer Raine Ruoppa runs Basso magazine (ex-Posse) these days, and he used to study graphic design.

Viihdeelektroniikka: "Submit To My Regime" (12")

A1. Doomsday Device (7:04)
A2. The Excessive Use of Force (6:06)
B1. Gora Elbrus (6:34)
B2. Administrative Punishment (7:36)

All tracks written, produced and performed by Raine Ruoppa. Mixed by Jukka Immonen. Mastering: Arttu Peljo. Photography: Junnu Lusa. Cover design: Sampo Hänninen. Executive Cabinet: Linda Söderholm, Pirkka Prami, AJ Savolainen, Mikko Kalso.

Listen to Viihde-Elektroniikka @ MySpace

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