Friday, March 09, 2007

A Funny Kompleksi Review

Googling, I just came across a funny review of Kompleksi's 7" at a British blog called Kid Shirt, which I think somehow manages to capture our essence, and I really like the comparisons to (the early) Human League and Devo. I took a liberty to reprint it here (hope you don't mind, k-wex):

Friday, November 03, 2006

"'What the Hell are you staring at?' sneers a voice at the start of '(I Ain't No) Lovechild' by Kompleksi, wh/ pretty much sets the tone for the rest of this song: a cynical, whiney, complain-y voice (that sounds like Devo after they finally lost their virginity) over crumpled H. League/Robert Rental tape-drums and synthmooosh-bass and splatchy percussives. There's a jagged, art-punk feel to this: it's charity-shop, not cat-walk... I love the way they've hoovered all the glam out of synthpop and drawn a felt-tip sneer and a Mona Lisa moustache on its face.

It's a Tampere Porno Product, innit.

The flip-side 'Moscow Nineteen Eighty' sounds like it ought to sound like Telex, but opts instead for some sort of parallel universe rewrite of US foreign policy, aided by vocoders, clipped synthetik beats and Daniel Miller's dusty old Korg. It has a strange, twisted, shimmery beauty as it cruises the red-light district of Helsinki with a limp... imagine if Swell Maps had mugged Depeche Mode for their clothes and ended up on TOTP. Yeeeah!

What? Ever? Happened? To? Your? Dreams?" asks the vocalist, on the outro. For a moment, he sounds close to tears. Or drunk."

"[...] yeah, I think you might like this, as it has a feel that directly links back to the Sheffield pioneers, tho' it's wonderfully shamble-y too...there's sposed to be an album floating round somewhere too; maybe we should form a label and put it out for them!"

Then, there's at a French blog called Fluokids a mention of Javelin's remix of 'Moscow 1980':

Sunday, February 25, 2007
Javelin vs. Polytron vs. Kompleksi - 1980 Moscow

I need you to believe. Cette déjà vieille rengaine, botte secrète des raves en chambre pour les années qui viennent de partir, n'a jamais été aussi vraie, et le regard que tu m'adresses pétille de je suis contente d'être là, tu le tiens appuyé comme j'appuierais une touche blanche jusqu'à la crampe, sans gêne, tu te colores tout juste de plaisir à le maintenir là, sans défi ni agressivité, jusqu'à ce que l'accord cède sous le beatmasher, dissone et décède.

And I also found out today that Kompleksi's 'Sara Pain' has entered the British independent chart list Ausfahrt20 at #20!

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