Friday, March 23, 2007

New Motiivi: Tuntematon 12"

Motiivi: Tuntematon ("Motive: Unknown") are Timo Kaukolampi (And The Lefthanded, Op:l Bastards), Veikka Erkola (a.k.a. Ercola) and Antti Koivisto. You can find info on their earlier release, 1939 (Freundinnen, 2005), at Finndiscog: Curiosities @ pHinnWeb.

Artist: Motiivi: Tuntematon
Title: Speicher 46
Format: 12"
Cat.No: KOMEX46
Label: Kompakt Extra (Germany)
Date: 15 February 07

Genre: Minimal house, minimal techno and tech-house

A. I Don't Feel Good (When You're Not Around) (6:14)
B. Mankind Failed (9:07)

A. written by Kaukolampi/Ercola
B. written by Kaukolampi/Ercola/Koivisto

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    "... once you get beyond the alien probing, 'I Don't Feel Good' is actually rather perky, despite Gothic pipe organs and the downcast, vocodered refrain, like a robot swallowing sobs. They take the son clavé syncopation [...] and abuse it so thoroughly that it's hard not to find a smidgen of amusement in it all -- like 24''s tongue-in-cheek approach to torture (another sure sign of the apocalypse). 'Mankind Failed', true to its title, is more serious, wrapping dark chords around an insistently jacking house pattern, cymbals flashing like the teeth on death's mask..." - Philip Sherburne, The Wire, April 2007
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