Friday, July 20, 2007

Avarus Story @ Cleveland Scene

Cleveland Scene features a story on Finnish psych/improv unit Avarus:

Oh my, they have also quoted yours truly in the story:

"Scoffing at the 'Yankee critics' who perpetuate this Garden of Eden rubbish, the Finnish blogger pHinnWeb (a.k.a. Erkki Rautio) recently posted a jpg of Tampere, the city where Avarus came together in 2001. The photograph captures an industrial river cutting through aging factories and black smokestacks. It's the Flats.

pHinn believes indie types from the United States and the U.K. need a haven -- even if it exists solely in their minds -- where they can hide from the ugly, post-9/11 world their countries have created. That place is exotic Finland, and you can get there by listening to hip bands with wondrously unpronounceable names like Kemialliset Ystävät, the Anaksimandros, and Avarus."

  • Avarus @ Last.FM

    (By the way, whatever happened to MySpace Avarus site...?)
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    I am not Kek-w said...

    Love the photo of Tampere, Erkki, It's pretty much how I imagined the place to look LOL!

    "dirty snow and slush, factories spewing out vapour trails, porno shops, white B-boys and hooded teenagers strolling around with bottles of beer in their hands, goths, senior citizens in their garish shellsuits, winos bumming money, darkness descending mid-afternoon during winters..." You're really starting to sell me on the place LOL! Sounds like parts of Yeovil on a saturday afternoon - tho here, they're tearing down all the interesting old Victorian buildings and putting up generic blocks of flats for old people and yuppies...everything and everwhere is starting to look the same...hang onto yr smoke stacks as long as you can - you'll miss them when they're gone LOL!