Friday, July 13, 2007

Peter Watkins: Punishment Park (1971)

Punishment Park (1971): trailer

And the whole film in its entirety @ YouTube:

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Punishment Park overview with Peter Watkins:

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pHinnWeb has already featured War Game and Privilege, controversial "mockumentary"-type of 1960s films by the British director Peter Watkins. Common for Watkins' films were political, dystopian and even apocalyptic themes, critical of mass media, mind control and propaganda, and often taking place in a bleak near-future science fiction setting. Heavily reflecting on the heated political atmosphere of the Vietnam war and the Kent State massacre era, his 1971 film follows a group of dissidents who have chosen -- instead of a lengthy jail sentence -- to spend three days in the desert attempting to reach an American flag, as a sort of a survival game, while chased by police and National Guardsmen as part of their field training.

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