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manSEDANse 2007: 4-7 October '07, Tampere

manSEDANse 2007
A festival of electronic music & arts
Tampere, Finland
4-7 October 2007
@ Telakka & Klubi

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From press release:

"manSEDANse convenes electronic communities to Tampere

manSEDANse festival takes place in October with themes of electronic music, art and community-driven content.

The most interesting and intriguing movers and shakers in electronic music are convened to Tampere in the first week of October 2007 by manSEDANse festival. manSEDANse, flying high on full throttle for the second time now, will be presenting the cream of electronic music to brighten the dark Nordic nights with very exciting line-ups. The festival programme will also feature workshops, film screenings and a seminar.

manSEDANse's programme will certainly satisfy many patrons of electronic music and culture. At this point we will give you but a hint: The headliners on Saturday night all hail from Manchester."


"manSEDANse is organised by MadAssRevir ry, a non-profit organization based in Tampere. The mission of MARry is to promote electronic music and culture in Finland.

The roots of manSEDANse festival date back to year 2000 when an underground rave by the name SEDAN 2000 was held at a Tamperean penthouse. After the enthusiastic welcome the underground penthouse turned into a popular club venue and SEDAN 2001 knocked the socks off Tampere clubbers with its cutting edge artists and GIGANTIC visual treats. Simply undescribable.

A series of recurring clubs, such as Comet, Slavic Walkmen, Underground Disco and the New Year Mash-up raves were organised at Klubi between 2002-2005.

The very first manSEDANse festival was organised in 2005. The festival teamed up the original SEDAN line-up with a merry bunch from around Europe: Subjex, Sickboy, Schizoide, Regina, Verde and Pylon among many others. It introduced Tampere to something that was lacking in the Finnish cultural climate: a full-fledged four-day festival of electronic music.

In 2006 MARry was raving to retro tunes with the ultimate glance to the past party, Shake That Acid! manSEDANse also provided the official festival dj's to the Tampere International Film Festival 2007. That was fun!

That's the history. manSEDANse 2007 will be the biggest, boldest and meanest festival in Finland ever. Simply undescribable. Yet again."



Thursday 4 October 2007

Location: Telakka | Time: 21-03
Night ticket: TBA

Kemialliset Ystävät live
Fonal (FIN)

Custom Drummer live
Bad Vugum (FIN)


Friday 5 October 2007

Location: Klubi | Time: 21-04
Night ticket: TBA

Hessle Audio (UK)

Sami Koivikko live
Spectral Sound (FIN)

Toiminto live
Swaeg (FIN)

Clouds (FIN)

Step Ahead/MARry (FIN)

Matias Nilk
Bass & Beer (FIN)

Visuals by Hello World & Xtra
Location: Telakka | Time: 12-17
Day ticket: TBA

Copyright vs Copyleft
Mikä on vapaan jakamisen moraali? A seminar focusing on issues of copyright and content sharing (in Finnish).

Saturday 6 October 2007

Location: Klubi | Time: 21-04
Night ticket: TBA

Mr 76ix live
Skam (UK)

Gescom DJ
Skam (UK)

X-Rust (FIN)

Waisted Flanders live
Swaeg (FIN)

Swaeg (FIN)

Visuals by Hello World & Xtra
Location: Klubi | Time: TBA (daytime)
Day ticket: TBA

Audiohackers workshop
Modified instruments, modified software, modified sound. Artists have always hacked their tools to create unexpected results. In this workshop, various performers discuss and showcase their equipment hacks and custom-built instruments.

Sunday 7 October 2007

Location: Telakka | Time: 14-02
Day ticket: TBA

Lazy Sunday Video

A stream of live music and visuals broadcasted from around the world. As well as receiving streamed performances we will be sending out our own stream.

All acts TBC.

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