Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blues Section: 'Semi-Circle Solitude' (1968)

Blues Section: 'Semi-Circle Solitude' (1968)

Blues Section: 'Cherry Cup-Cake Twist' (1968)

Blues Section: 'Hey Hey Hey' (1967)

Blues Section: 'Call Me On Your Telephone' (1967)

'Semi-Circle Solitude' is probably my all-time favourite track from Blues Section, a late-60s Finnish rhythm & blues/psychedelic band fronted by a great British ex-pat singer-songwriter, Jim Pembroke (later of Wigwam, another band worth checking out and don't let the "progessive rock" tag put you off, because there's some memorable songwriting here, too). The film excerpts for 'Semi-Circle Solitude' and 'Cherry Cup-Cake Twist' are from Jaakko Pakkasvirta's documentary film Eläköön nuoruus ("Viva Youth", 1968). 'Hey Hey Hey' was used in Mikko Niskanen's 1967 film Lapualaismorsian, in a sequence depicting how students in Helsinki celebrate Mayday.

YouTube also has Blues Section's 'Kuka kertoisi minulle?' ("Who would tell me?"; as vocalist Pepe Willberg, formerly of The Jormas), from Timo Bergholm's drama film Punahilkka ("Little Red Riding Hood"), another movie from 1968. Furthermore, there's a clip of 'End of a Poem', from their 1996 comeback gig.

  • Lyrics @ Mikko Meriläinen's excellent Blues Section/Wigwam site

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    And as bonus, more Jim Pembroke songwriting, 'Simple Human Kindness' from Wigwam's "deep pop" album Nuclear Nightclub (1975); this studio live is from 1976:

    Wigwam: 'Simple Human Kindness' (1976, off Pop-Liisa TV show)
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