Sunday, August 03, 2008

Music Videos by Shadowplay, Jimi Tenor & His Shamans and Op:l Bastards

Some pHinnWeb-related music videos, courtesy of YouTube user Lihaa77...

Shadowplay: 'Night Porter' (1985/1987, video by Hannu Puttonen)

Shadowplay, a Finnish cult band, who started in 1982, combining raw post-punk moods to jazz-tinged flavours provided by the trumpetist Marco Kosonen. In 1985 they released the now-legendary 7" 'Night Porter', taking its name from Liliana Cavani's decadent 1974 film of the same name. Shadowplay appeared with this song in 1986 Finnish film Kill City, which performance was the highlight of that otherwise best-to-be-forgotten flick. The albums Touch & Glow, Eggs & Pop and Raw Powder were also to follow. The band's henchman Brandi Ifgray was also to release two solo albums for Sähkö Recordings' sub Puu, produced by Jimi Tenor and Tuomo Puranen of The Elevators/Op:l Bastards.

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans live 1988

Before his career as an eclectic lounge-jazz-soul-funk man Jimi Tenor was known in the late 1980s for his industrial-tinged, oil barrel-banging band Shamans.

Op:l Bastards: 'Sagittarius III'

Legend of Gruppa Sagittarius is a 2001 short film by Hannu Puttonen featuring the track 'Sagittarius III' of Op:l Bastards.


Juri said...

I've always liked that song by Shadowplay, even though I didn't follow the band's career closely. Very touchy and moody and also catchy. The dialogue seems a bit corny and unnecessary in the video, even though the Orson Welles character is funny. Who directed the video, do you know?

Shadowplay performs also in the Kill City director Peter Lindholm's later film, Leijat Helsingin yllä / Kites Above Helsinki, from 2003 or so. There's a scene that takes place in the night life of Helsinki and there's this chic goth bar (Lugosi?) with Shadowplay playing in the background. At that time they didn't do any gigs, so it must've been a favour to Lindholm or some such.

Juri said...

Forgot to say that Peter Lindholm has banned Kill City from screenings.

pHinn said...

The video is also by Hannu Puttonen and it's been made in 1987. Credits info here: It would be great to see the film version of 'Night Porter' too as a separate video clip. Any bootleggers out there?