Friday, October 17, 2008

Kompleksi's Debut Gig @ YouTube

Part 1: '(I Ain't No) Lovechild'

Part 2: 'Spiders in the Sky'

Part 3: 'Porno Tampere' & 'Gothic Robots'

Part 4: 'Metal Sky' & 'Bioluminescence'

Part 5: 'Moscow 1980'

Part 6: 'Sara Pain'

Part 7: 'Slick Little Girl'

Part 8: 'Battlestar Erotica'

Our debut gig (and also the official record release party) on Friday 3 October 2008 is now online -- with warts and all (as Kate Bush put it: be kind to our mistakes) -- divided into eight videofiles. The gig was filmed by Tina Ulevik of Spul Films Australia, who also created the music video for our 'Sara Pain' in 2007.

This gig took place at Lal Lal Lal Festival, organised by Lal Lal Lal record label which also released our first single back in 2005. The venue was the cellar of Kantis in Helsinki, a British-style pub/restaurant.

  • Video page @ pHinnWeb

    You can also order now from Lal Lal Lal a compilation tape released in occasion of the festival, featuring from us a track called 'Kompleksi'.
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