Friday, August 28, 2009

New Jori Hulkkonen Album: Man from Earth (Turbo Recordings, October 2009)

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Jori Hulkkonen: 'Bend Over Beethoven' (2009; animation by Len Lye, roughly edited by TVP)

Jori Hulkkonen will release his new album in October on Tiga's Turbo Recordings imprint.

Artist: Jori Hulkkonen
Title: Man from Earth
Label: Turbo Recordings (Canada)
Date: October 2009


01. I Am Dead feat. Jerry Valuri
02. Boying in the Smokeroom
03. Dancerous
04. The Other Side of Time
05. Re Last Year feat. Villa Nah
06. Ridge Over Trouble Forrester
07. Musta Gunilla
08. Undercover feat. The Dove
09. I Dance to Your Bass My Friend
10. Bend Over Beethoven
11. My Brother Went to Space and All I Got Was This Lousy Vacuum
12. Man from Earth

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  • Sid Loves Turbo: Podcast Vol. 47 - Jori Hulkkonen (JH: "100% Finnish music only, including Tuomas Toivonen, FBI and a taster from my forthcoming album")

    See also the latest video from Jori Hulkkonen's Acid Symphony Orchestra project:

    Acid Symphony Orchestra - Diamonds Of The Night from Jori Hulkkonen on Vimeo.

    Official music video for
    Acid Symphony Orchestra - 'Diamonds Of The Night'.
    Directed by Jori Hulkkonen & Jani Lehto, 2009.

    Taken from the forthcoming Acid Symphony Orchestra 12" on Turbo recordings featuring live recordings of ASO shows.
    'Diamonds Of The Night' recorded live at BIOS @ Athens, Greece in May 2009.

    The Acid Symphony Orchestra live perfomances feature 10 Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizers, one TR-707 or a TR-808 drummachine and personnel to operate them.

    Composer and conductor:
    Jori Hulkkonen

    The Orchestra:
    Juha Matinmäki
    Aku "Huoratron" Raski
    Kalle Karvanen
    Jussi-Pekka "Monoder" Parikka
    Janne "Burdock" Puurunen
    Tatu "Mr Velcro Fastener" Peltonen
    Kimmo "Acid Kings" Oksanen
    Pete "Sintetik" Salonen
    Tuomas Toivonen
    Johannes "TinMan" Auvinen
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    George said...

    I'm being driven a bit mad by all this - when is the street date for the new album? I read the Montreal Mirror review and cannot wait to get my hands on this disc!!!