Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Comedy of Pain

I'm not afraid of ridiculing myself. Every king used to have a jester. At the same time I'm serious as hell. My words act as the transformation of pain. The pain of being alive, of growing up, of learning. But I understand one person's tragedy can be other person's comedy. Irony means distancing oneself from suffering through an intellectual process. Irony is therefore antithetical to empathy. So, the laugh is on me, but watch carefully while you laugh, and I'll spare a thought for you when it's your turn to be stuck in that ditch. And don't worry: that day will come sooner or later.

And for starters, here's something for you to laugh at:

Meet Alexander Stubb, a fresh member of the European Parliament from the Finnish right-wing party Kokoomus (heavily pro-EU, pro-NATO).

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