Wednesday, June 16, 2004

How To Attract Wimmin

Ha. Now that I've whined and complained about women here, the Blogspot automatically adds a link to "How To Attract Women" to the "Related Searches" of my page. Another over-simplifying self-help guide, which basically claims: "Oh, modern women are so feminist-minded and emancipated, but what they really want is a strong, muscular alpha male type of guy". What drivel and how American. From this guy's point of view I've probably done all the "mistakes" here, but I don't believe there's one stereotypical way of "how" a man or a woman should be or behave. Look, Dave, I am what I am: sometimes nice, sometimes nasty, sometimes generous, sometimes greedy, sometimes benevolent, sometimes selfish, sometimes bold, sometimes wussy -- and ain't gonna change my ways.


The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women—And What To Do About It...

Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Why Men Fail With Women—And How To Make Sure YOU Avoid Every One Of These Deadly Common Mistakes...

-By David DeAngelo, Author Of "Double Your Dating"

MISTAKE #1: Being Too Much Of A "Nice Guy"

MISTAKE #2: Trying To "Convince Her To Like You"

MISTAKE #3: Looking To Her For Approval Or Permission

MISTAKE #4: Trying To "Buy" Her Affection With Food And Gifts

MISTAKE #5: Sharing "How You Feel" Too Early In The Relationship With Her

MISTAKE #6: Not "Getting" How Attraction Works For Women

MISTAKE #7: Thinking That It Takes Money And Looks

MISTAKE #8: Giving Away All Of Your Power To Women

MISTAKE #9: Not Knowing EXACTLY What To Do In Each Type Of Situation With Women

MISTAKE #10: Not Getting HELP
- Here he advertises his mailing-list and book, of course. Marketing, the American Way of Life.