Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pebbles from the Shores of Thousand Lakes - Finnish Nuggets Vol. 1

[Blues Section, perhaps the best band to represent Finnish Nuggets/Pebbles spirit of garage psychedelia]

pHinnWeb has under its Beyond the Calico Wall page, dedicated to 1960s garage/psychedelic rock, a Finland subpage which introduces some bands and tracks that might be included if there was a Finnish version of Nuggets and Pebbles, famous compilation albums and boxes of 60s garage/freakbeat/psychedelic rock.

Making your own home compilation tapes and CD-Rs is always a lot of fun. Jani Hellén has compiled his own unofficial home compilation called Pebbles from the Shores of Thousand Lakes - Finnish Nuggets Vol. 1: Garage, Beat, Psychedelia & Proto-Punk from Finland 1964-74. The tracklist is:

01 - Danny & The Islanders - 'East Virginia' (1964)
02 - Eddy & The Lightnings - 'Shut Up' (1964)
03 - The Renegades - 'Cadillac' (1964)
04 - Jim & The Beatmakers - 'My Only One' (1964)
05 - The Renegades - 'My Heart Must Do The Crying' (1965)
06 - Ernos - 'Harha' (1966)
07 - Eero ja Jussi And The Boys - 'Kaipaan sua' (1967)
08 - Irwin Goodman - 'Haista itse vaan' (1967)
09 - Blues Section - 'Call Me On Your Telephone' (1967)
10 - Blues Section - 'Hey Hey Hey' (1967)
11 - Topmost - 'Longin For June' (1967)
12 - Ernos - 'Maria Louiza' (1968)
13 - Tasavallan Presidentti - 'Driving Through' (1969)
14 - Wigwam - 'Luulosairas' (1969)
15 - Charlies - 'Taiteen kritiikistä' (1970)
16 - Suomen Talvisota 1939-40 - 'Kekkonen-rock' (1970)
17 - Suomen Talvisota 1939-40 - 'Kasvoton Kuolema' and 'Sirhan Sirhan' (1970)
18 - Virtanen - 'Elektroninen Xtaasi' (1974)

As the criteria has been used that the track should be an original (not a Finnish translation/cover version) or an arrangement of some "trad" song. The Renegades (UK) is included because they recorded in Finland, and Jee jee jee, the history of Finnish rock, considers the band -- at the height of their popularity in this country -- almost Finnish.

Hellén plans for Volume 2 more Ernos (which he calls "Finnish Zombies") and some tracks from the second album of Charlies, allegedly much heavier one than their film soundtrack Julisteiden liimaajat which has gained a cult reputation. Also considered is Kirka's 'Hetki lyö', even though it is a translation of The McCoys' 'Beat the Clock', since the original is not too well known internationally, and Paroni Paakkunainen's innovative arrangement bringing more depth to Kirka's version.

So, you can't find this compilation from any shops, but you might try looking for its individual tracks from (Finnish) public libraries, friends' record collections, or if you have some extra money burning in your pockets, even buy some existing albums with these tracks (remember pHinnWeb does not encourage any illegal file sharing, kids!), and make your own copy of the compilation, so happy hunting!

More info:
Beyond the Calico Wall: Finland

[Suomen Talvisota 1939-1940 epitomized the day's raunchy underground spirit in Finnish rock music]

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