Friday, August 19, 2005

A Correction to Gigolo Swindle Article

I wrote some time ago a blog entry about Gigolo Records' The Great Gigolo Swindle compilation -- of which I, honestly, had never heard when I wrote my "Great Electroclash Swindle" article in summer 2002. It seems I was wrong about the compilation's original release date. Shame, it would have been nice to be of inspiration.

I stand corrected as Steve Teeri writes:

"Let me first say I am a happy pHinnWeb list member, and enjoyed your "Electroclash Swindle" article a great deal when it came out.


I must point out that The Great Gigolo Swindle mix CD in fact came out in 2000, not 2005, and was the 50th release for Gigolo records. If you look at the records that had come out by that point, most weren't too bad, not like the sludge Gigolo released in the 2000's. Below is a link to the discogs listing for the original release as proof:

The story, as I heard, was that the CD came out with a very well put together picture book by the graphic designers for Gigolo records, Abuse Industries. Of course they used a ton of Arnold Schwarzenegger imagery, since he was the face of Gigolo records at that time. Unfortunately, this came out right when Arnold sued Gigolo for using his image without permission. All the copies of the CD and Multipage booklet were taken back from distributors under threat of lawsuit. A few copies did manage to get out, as a matter of fact I am the owner of one myself.

I got all this info from Carlos Souffrount, the DJ of the mix CD. I should also mention that Carlos went out of his way to play really good, and frequently obscure B-sides from the Gigolo catalog, and in my opinion he did a fantastic job. The CD also features BMG of Ectomorph and Paris the Black Fu of Detroit Grand Pu Bahs, doing a radio call in show in the back ground. Paris is doing a fantastic Arnold impersonation by the way.

My biggest message is, Carlos Souffront is one of Detroit's best kept secrets, and to claim he is on the Electroclash bandwagon is just plain false. He's played Detroit parties for years and has a reputation for delivering high quality music every time."