Thursday, August 04, 2005

Eclectro Lounge #17

This was a pretty ordinary Eclectro Lounge night (with all its technical frustrations, the worry about the lack of audience, etc.) The guest DJ Alexcore (a.k.a. Alex Regan of Slavic Walkmen posse) played a set of "covercore", twisted cover/plunderphonics/pirate mixes of tracks from Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Flying Lizards, etc.; the sort of stuff that V/VM Records is specialised in. It blew your mind (see the pic above). And Alex got my headphones back, that I already thought having lost forever -- they had been lying somewhere at Klubi -- the only bad thing was that I had already bought new Koss headphones, and thus wasted extra 59 euros of my thin montly budget.

The tracklists here

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