Thursday, September 01, 2005

Kompleksi Review @ Blastitude

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KOMPLEKSI: "(I Ain't No) Lovechild" b/w "Moscow 1980" 7-inch (LAL LAL LAL)

Right now all of the American trustafarians who read Arthur 'religiously' with a little Wire on the side and who mail-ordered this 7-inch are scratching their new beard going, "Hey, this ain't psychedelic free folk!" That's because it's creepy euro synth disco! The grooves are corny and the singing is awkward, but it is charming -- especially those wildcat yelps on the "Lovechild" turnarounds -- and Irwin Chusid will probably play it on his show. "Moscow 1980" is a more wistful synth pop number -- I detect a Limahl influence -- that starts with a sample of Jimmy Carter laying down the law about a certain Olympic boycott. And it proceeds to go on for over 6 minutes of heartfelt monotonous Limahlian glory! At the very least, it's quite a change of pace for Lal Lal Lal... no mention of it over at Volcanic Tongue yet... -L.D., Blastitude

Eh, Kompleksi are not actually influenced by Limahl (the headman of early 80s "new romantic" pop band Kajagoogoo and of subsequent solo career), but that's an interesting thought... Maybe we should cover 'Too Shy'? (Or then, maybe not.)

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