Friday, September 16, 2005

Eclectro Lounge #20

[click for larger image -- this is Dorothy Stratten from the 1980 low-budget sci-fi flick Galaxina: Stratten was an ill-fated Playboy Playmate of the Year who was murdered by her husband.]

I haven't written about the latest Eclectro Lounge nights, the reason being simple: there is not much to say which would be of great interest or not merely repetition of what has been said about our earlier "parties". However, here are two single and separate incidents about the previous nights or their preparations, as a sort of an uncoherent stream-of-consciousness reminiscences:

First incident: I am at the public billboard of Koskipuisto sticking up ads for one of the nights of ours when this female employee of the City of Tampere's Park Department (as I guess), in T-shirt and glaring orange trousers of overalls, arrives to me and tells me that: "Ihan vaan vihjeenä..." ("just as a tip") that they are are going to photograph and report to the police all the event posters that are found at the lampposts and other unsuitable places (that is, other than public billboards). Annoyed by being treated as a potential criminal like this, I duly inform this young lady that I have never attached our posters anywhere else but to the legitimate billboards, and they'd better search for people doing misdemeanours such as this somewhere else. I don't know if this young woman is a zombie or what, but she is as if she doesn't actually listen to a word I say. "Ihan vaan vihjeenä..." she keeps repeating like a record player stylus stuck in one place. After she's gone, I find the whole situation totally preposterous: I think the local police probably has enough work in their hands already and with real criminals, than having to chase for some event organisers who have stuck their posters to the places where they should not be. And don't the City employees actually have anything else to do than to snap photographs? Is this another example of the City (heh) of Tampere's famous "zero tolerance" policy? Small towns breed petty minds, it seems.

Second incident: I'm spinning records at Eclectro Lounge one night when this totally unknown blonde and bearded young guy comes to me. I listen flabbergasted as he tells me that he'd like to play some records now because they are "similar" to the stuff that we have spinned there. I tell him that it's not possible now (besides, we have agreed well beforehand about the nights when our guest DJs are supposed to play), but this guy just keeps insisting and whining. This makes me lose my temper and get me into my fascist "fucking-freaks-get-off-me" mode, and I tell him to go to a very hot and sulphurous place familiar from the world religions and mythologies. Gladly the freak (who has probably enjoyed some other intoxicants than alcohol) gets away before I have to recourse into physical violence. With certain general fuck-ups in my life lately, I'm already tense enough as it is and I don't need any more extra pushing. (Well, probably you are right if you say it's very hard for me to actually subscribe to the PLUR mindset, and I don't believe real love for people can be created by illicit chemicals, anyway. I Ain't No Lovechild.)

Well, about the Eclectro Lounge of Wednesday the 14th of September, 2005 AD, the "manSEDANse Warm-Up Night" when we had Sire of Grayframe and Lasso800 of Slavic Walkmen as guest DJs. First a writer for local Aamulehti paper's Valo weekend supplement was supposed to interview yours truly at Apadana club where our Eclectro Lounge nights take place, but he couldn't make it because of some clashing schedules. Then we heard that the next scheduled night of ours, 28 October, was already booked to someone else: the guy taking care of Apadana's booking had quit working for the club, of which I was not really aware and which was mainly why this mix-up had taken place. Gladly 29 October was still available for us, so we could book that night.

Finally, the rain and storm took their toll with our potential clients, so there was only a handful of people present and we had to call it quits already at midnight. And Mika was not exactly delighted when he heard that our food and drink policies had been changed from what we have been first promised (by a person other than Abbas himself, the Iranian manager of Apadana) when we started the Eclectro Lounge nights last February. So, all your normal snafus in one night. Well, Mr pHinn -- who still naively believes in the Finnish myth of sisu -- doesn't give up but gladly keeps hitting his thick skull to the brick wall. Yes, all this trés interesting, isn't it? Oh, how I love to whine.

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