Saturday, September 03, 2005


[Finnish winter does not stop a typical pissis from practising her alcohol-fuelled outdoor activities]

Pissis is a derogatory Finnish term for a teenage (or at least young) girl with heavy make-up, for example, stripes dyed to her hair, cheap earrings and other inexpensive "bling bling" gear, Burberry scarfs or the ever-present tops, Eastpak backpacks, tight jeans (usually Miss Sixty) and with strings underneath showing, of course.

Stylistically pissis is often a cheap imitation of Britney, Mariah, J-Lo, Paris Hilton or any current MTV R&B princess. Pissis is a sort of Finnish version of American white trash bimbo, who talks loud and obscenely in youth slang; every second word being "vittu" or "vitun", or "siis" ("so") or "oikeesti" ("really") or "siis oikeesti", and smokes and drinks heavily.

The very term "pissis" comes from the fact that a stereotypical pissis does not have a shame to urinate in public: a typical pissis goes out with her friends on Friday night, drinks a lot of cider, and as a consequence of heavy drinking has to relieve her bladder in any nearby bush or stairwell. At the end up of the night a pissis is so drunk and pissed (sic) that she cries bitter tears with make-up smeared all over her face: "Boo-hoo, no one loves me" (and so on).

These days "pissis" is increasingly used to describe any aspect of culture which is cheap and trashy; for example such glaring gossip magazines like 7 päivää are called "pissis-media".

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