Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cerrone: ''Supernature' / Space: 'Magic Fly'

Cerrone: 'Supernature'

Talking about Kenny Everett and Hot Gossip, it was at Everett's show where I first heard Cerrone's now-classic Eurodisco hit 'Supernature', where Gossips did their thing to this song. Unfortunately YouTube doesn't offer (at least, not yet) Hot Gossip's performance to 'Supernature' but above you can check Cerrone's hilarious original video (Magical Mystery Tour, anyone?) from 1977.

  • More Cerrone search results @ YouTube

    And while on the subject, here's another classic Eurodisco moment from 1977 for you, by Space:

    Space: 'Magic Fly'
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