Friday, August 04, 2006

Aux 88 to Finland!

AUX 88: The legends of Detroit Techno Bass @ FLASH meets FBI!

Friday 1 September 2006

AUX 88 (Detroit, USA) live
Lil'Tony (FBI resident)
Erkko (YleX, Niitty)

@ Kuudes linja
Hämeentie 13, Helsinki, Finland.
entrance from the
yardside (Kaikukatu 4)
2200–0400 hours
Age limit 20
Tickets 8e

I Need To Freak -- one of my biggest Detroit electro favourites coming to Finland! The musical collaboration of Tommy Hamilton and Keith Tucker started in the mid-1980s. They launched Aux 88 in 1993, releasing a series of legendary 12"s for Direct Beat label. Aux 88 has been gigging among all with Juan Atkins and Mad Mike of Underground Resistance. Recently Hamilton and Tucker returned together after having done solo projects (among all Auxmen) for some years. The new album, called Aux 88 was released in Japan this year. Their earlier album releases are Is It Man Or Machine? (1996) and Xeo-Genetic (1998).

Aux 88: 'Electro Techno'

Aux 88: 'Play It Loud'

Aux 88: Mini Video Fuse Festival in 2005

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Giannis_K said...

Hello mate,sorry for the intrusion but i desperatelly look to find Keith Tucker's discography or songs!Any ides of where to find would be more than usefull.Thak you!