Friday, October 27, 2006

Tuomas Rantanen Joins MySpace, Too

Tuomas Rantanen has a brand new MySpace site.

Tuomas Rantanen is the philosopher king of hard Tampere techno monotrax, an all-round nice guy, avid conversationalist and chess enthusiast who has saved many a boring night for me at Yo-Talo! Our Kompleksi project did with Tuomas a remix of Maxx Klaxon's 'Internationale 2000' (still unreleased).

Tuomas Rantanen comes from Finland and his musical style is dark industrial techno. He has created a very unique music expression where strong driving percussion techno combines to cold and dark atmosphere and ambience elements. Prior to his own techno music productions he studied classical guitar and theory of music at Tampere Conservatory, and in 1995 he also started to make his own music productions. In 1999 he released his first release on Template Records (England) with support by British techno producer Glenn Wilson. After that Tuomas Rantanen has released several techno releases also on other labels including Fresh Grind (England), Audio Assault (The Netherlands), Submissions (The Netherlands), Unknown Forces (England), Electracom (England), KK Traxx (Belgium), Definition Records (Germany), Maracas Records (Sweden), Emergence Records (Sweden) and Fak Records (Finland). Tuomas Rantanen has studied Philosophy at Tampere University. He wrote his Master's Thesis about the philosophy of Martin Heidegger; especially Heidegger's concept of understanding, language and art.

Tuomas Rantanen @ pHinnWeb

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