Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What Is Skweee?

Flow magazine has an article on Skweee, the new Scandinavian electronic dance music style.

Synthetik Skandinavian Funk is called Skweee.

The Synthetik Skandinavian Funk, or Skweee music, obviously origins from Scandinavia -- less obvious is that it was created by a man called Frans Carlqvist, who is also known as Pavan. He's the founder of the small independent label Flogsta Danshall that focuses on this type of music. Recently a new Skweee-label popped up in Finland, called Harmönia. The time was right to let Pavan explain.

For those that haven't heard the music, explain what Skweee is!

Skweee is instrumental, pretty primtive electronic music influenced by the rhythms of R'n'B, dancehall and funk. It usually consists of a 'dirty' sound, vibes that make you think of early electro, techno and c-64 music. When you hear it, you know what Skweee is.

For those that have heard it, but yet don't understand. Please, help them out.

Well, the tempo is pretty low around 90-110 bpm. Sometimes it contains parts of Arabic music. A lot of square waves and kind of lo-fi. Apart from a couple of Skweee-remixes that've been made, most Skweee is released on 7" vinyl."

Skweee @ Wikipedia

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