Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plat Ypus @ Mutant Sounds

I wrote here some time ago about the art of Ilkka Vekka, also a member of the interesting exp/electronic-tinged rock group Plat Ypus. Now Mutant Sounds, one of the most fascinating music blogs around (dedicated to some extremely rare and obscure exp/electronic/psychedelic/punk/Krautrock/etc. record releases from 1960s onwards, also featuring downloads of these records), has featured there an entry of Lörsson/Plat Ypus 3" split CDR (a limited edition of 30!) released in 2003 on Helsinki's 267 Lattajjaa label (a brainchild of one dedicated fringe music fanatic called Hannu Haahti -- we were featured with Kompleksi on the label's Sigue Sigue Sputnik tribute compilation last year). This is what Mutant Sounds writes about Plat Ypus: "Vascilllating between rhythm box-driven vignettes of ass-backward mulched electronica, mid-period Boredoms spasming art splatter and post-rock repetition". Too bad Plat Ypus seems to gone on hiatus these days (even though one member of the band, Perttu Makkonen, just sent me an interesting CDR of his latest project, about which more here).