Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dum Nolla3Nolla EP (DUM-030)

A new 12" soon out on Dum Records!

Mono Junk/New York City Survivors/Detroit Diesel/Kim Rapatti
Dum Nolla3Nolla EP (12")
22 June 2007
A1. Mono Junk: Ai Jaa
A2. New York City Survivors: Superstar
B1. Detroit Diesel: Fu-Dimension
B2. Kim Rapatti: Fantasy

(Listen to some tracks at http://www.myspace.com/monojunk.)

Press release notes:

"Finnish madmen are back with the cult Dum Records label. - All techno is so shit these days that we have to show again what it's all about. Experimenting with the sounds and creating something new and interesting, say boys from up north.

Mono Junk's AI JAA is outstanding track full of dark energy which makes junkheads dance their brains out. Or should. If not, ask the doctor prescribe some more pills. For the real rave hell 2007! A2. track SUPERSTAR, definitely a hardcore industrial techno masterdisaster by New York City Survivors. Their craziest track ever!

On the B-side Dum decided to offer their classic acid gem FU-DIMENSION for the hungry kids. Previously released in 1993 and has been sought after since because the small amount pressed in the golden years. The last track continues Kim Rapatti's 'sing a song career'. One of the Legowelt's all time top ten track, Time After Time, last year released, get great follow-up with fantasy.

Limited edition 200 copies on freak colour vinyl!"

Release date 22.06.07!


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