Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Suomiteknohistofriikki by Mono Junk

Mono Junk a.k.a. Kimmo "Kim" Rapatti (or was it Kim "Kimmo" Rapatti?) of Dum Records has written for the latest Basso magazine (3/2007) -- in his inimitable style -- a subjective account on the formative years 1990-99 of Finnish techno music scene.

For those into decoding the cryptic, wordplay-laden style of Mika Waltari-worshipping Mr. Rapatti, a chockful of innuendo and gossip is offered on the adventures, mishaps and exploits of your favourite Finnish electronic musicians of these "golden years". Alongside his own "Totuus Top 10" ("The Truth Top 10") Kim/mo also asked from yours truly a Top 5 list of favourites which you can see above.

(Obviously similar lists were requested by Mono Junk from other Finnish electronic luminaries, too, but typically, no one else bothered to send them than your humble narrator -- can we detect a pattern here...?)


Addition 26 June 2006:

And now Mono Junk sent me his own comments to this:

"Actually it's not my own Top Ten, like I have explained before the chart... I got about 15 Top 5 charts and only a few did't answer. So it's 'truth' ;) Top Ten (except Mighty Rubber Boots record is joke, magazine changed zero to ten by mistake. Pure gabba shit :) If it would be mine own top ten there would be only my own tracks, heh ;) Just only the separate Top 5 is pHinn's. By the way in the story there are hidden 5 Mika Vainio/Pan sonic track titles, easy to find or not, otherwise also tricky story if don't understand anything about 90's techno history or don't know any persons... Horo Julkunen, who the hell is he..."