Monday, January 21, 2008

Sans Soleil (1983)

Sans Soleil: intro

Sans Soleil: Welcome to Tokyo

Sans Soleil: Repair the web of time

Sans Soleil: Collectivisation [les rêves]

Sans Soleil: Year of the dog

Sans Soleil: Teknoko

Sans Soleil: fragment

One of the films I'd like to see again... Sans Soleil ("Sunless", 1983) is Chris Marker's (born in 1921 and maybe best known for La Jetée) famous documentary/experimental film/travelogue/cinematic essay/meditation on human memory; somewhere in the borderlines of dream, surrealism and science fiction. Visiting Africa, San Francisco and having a special emphasis on Japan, that home of the hyperreal, taking the viewer to manga shops and a special shrine dedicated to cats.

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  • A review by Henry Sheehan
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