Monday, December 01, 2008

Fashion Photographer Max Petrelius (1940 - 2008)

Finnish fashion and commercial photographer Max Petrelius died on 16 November 2008. Petrelius, who might have been called "Finland's David Bailey", had been born on 5 May 1940. He studied in 1958 - 60 under Rolf Winquist in Stockholm.

During his study trips to France in 1960 - 62 he got acquainted with the work of local commercial and fashion photographers. He had his own studio in Helsinki from 1960 to 1987, where several future fashion photographers learned their trade. As a highly sought-after fashion photographer Max Petrelius gained somewhat a star status in the 1960s Finland, with fashion companies, magazines and advertising agencies all competing to use his works.

He collaborated with acclaimed fashion designer Vuokko Nurmesniemi [more] from 1964 onwards, and the photographs by Petrelius of Nurmesniemi's designs found their way to many international fashion and art publications. Also Artek was one those countless Finnish companies using Petrelius's services.

In 1969 Petrelius, as a first fashion photographer ever, was granted Finnish State Prize for Photography and in 2000 State Artist Pension.

More photos by Max Petrelius:

  • Villayhtymä, 1960s
  • Pyörre dress by Vuokko Nurmesniemi, 1966
  • Suunta dress by Nurmesniemi, 1973
  • Aida dress designed by Nurmesniemi, 1982

  • Vuokko by Vuokko Nurmesniemi

    Rene Kita said...

    Those coats look awfully familiar, but they sure don't look as glamorous on my mother in our family album. Guess we should have hired Petrelius to do them...
    Looking at the range of your blog makes me feel like such a navel gazer. Thanks for widening my world view again.

    pHinn said...

    Thanks again, Rene. A possible explanation to the range of my blog: ADHD...? ;)