Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wire and the Secrets of Nailgun Use

The Wire 4th season opening & intro

They are now showing in Finland re-runs of The Wire's fourth season on a channel called SubTV, and again in a ridiculous times slot (1:15 am between Wednesday and Thursday). Here is the hilarious opening scene to the first episode, where the tomboyish gangsta homegirl Snoop goes shopping for a nailgun for uses not exactly intended by the manufacturer...

The Wire has been one of the best shows (if not the best) on the idiot box these days, a realistic and cynical (but often peppered with humour and also some great dialogue and memorable characters) drama on the cat and mouse game between Baltimore cops and the drug lords of the ghettos; like a crash course to street sociology, the characters spanning from the lowest rung of society to its very highest; from the most miserable junkie to the greedy, opportunist politicians. Here's hoping they will show the fifth and final season here soon, but when the general emphasis of programming seems to be on the mind-numbing spectacle of Idols, it's better not to hold one's breath waiting.

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