Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Genius of The Octagon Man...

... a.k.a. J. Saul Kane.

The Octagon Man: 'Free-er Than Free' (1989)

The Octagon Man: 'Demented Spirit' (1990) [X-Mix version]

Depeche Mode: 'Dream On' (The Octagon Man Remix) (2001)

Too bad The Octagon Man alias of Kane (also known as Depth Charge) has been quiet for a while. His albums The Exciting World of Octagon Man, Itô Calculus and Magneton, and such 12"s as 'The Rimm/Phonic Maze', '10 Ft. Flowers', 'Vidd' and 'The Toy Boxx' (10") are nothing less than classics of abstract, percussive and abrasive electro sound, a path followed by far too few in a genre often dominated by retro copycats and recent kitsch trends such as electroclash (though I have to admit, to be able to make any proper judgment here, I've been too skint to purchase any new releases to keep up with what's happening in electro these days, or too lazy even to follow related discussion forums, so my own view must be quite retrospective, sigh). Well, I remember some material by Double Dutch for Marguerita Recordings was in a bit similar vein, but that too was years ago...

  • See also: Electron Industries, a sublabel of DC Recordings.

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