Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Birdy and Post-Politics

I have to admit I'm an addict for Birdy's Storybook (sorry, Finnish only). It's weird, since many times her furious
feminist manic street preacher antics just irritate me, but I still find a lot of it making sense, with a lot of thought-out opinions and comments, expressed in an honest,
straightforward way. Mostly Birdy's texts concern relationships between males and females and issues of equality; and even though, as said, I often find myself disagreeing about
certain aspects there (for example, I hate her concept of "ATM", Alemman Tason Mies, or
"The Lower Level Man"), I still have found myself being enlightened and mentally refreshed by her texts.

Lately, Birdy has been written
about the Rosa Meriläinen incident too (it seems to be the hottest topic at the moment also among the people I know myself); pointing out how the members of her Green Party have now unfairly turned their backs on her, at the time when she would need most support from her own people, and the obvious opportunism detected there. I don't have anything
to add there, but then, I'm not generally the biggest advocate of the traditional party politics system, which I find in the end to be merely a playground for self-serving opportunists, ambitious egocentric wannabes with narcissistic tendencies and greedy power-hungry bloodsuckers. Am I cynical here? You bet I am; but trying to be a bit more constructive here, I think the time has come for the kind of era of "post-politics", with all power centers located purely to the grassroots level ("power to the people", eh?) instead of the current elitist system of politicians and economists and their vested interests and the military-industrial-entertainment complex ruling over it all... I admit my thinking is still quite naïve and vague, but basically I'm not a theorist, only a pragmatist wishing to be just something like "an educated layman". I'm trying to get something more out of it in the future... If you're not laughing your heads off by now, just stay tuned.

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