Sunday, May 16, 2004


To clarify a bit here, I heard that Stealth.Net had, after all, decided to continue the existence of at least for 12 months more, but now it seems that I can't do
anything to this site any more, since my old password does not work.
Earlier I've been totally dependent on my one contact person at Stealth.Net, but since
this guy has left the firm (which is the main reason behind this whole moving of site
brouhaha), there's obviously no one I can contact there.

I heard that they are also having some sort of "renovation" there. Which seems to mean they have for some reason now erased all updates by me since the early April, and I have to recover what I can from old e-mails, mailing list archives and so on, to get it all back to the site.

For example, I was already afraid that my interview with Ann Shenton of
Large Number (UK) had been lost forever, but
gladly Marc, her manager guy (or something like that), could salvage it for me, and you'll see it soon again on the site.

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