Friday, May 21, 2004

What pHinnWeb Is All About (And What It's Not)

pHinnWeb is all about coming from dysfunctional families, your first divorce, severe depression -- and how to get over it; being unemployed for years -- and how to get over it
and find your own way. It's about relationships with people; social, personal, private. It's about community. It's about helping each other out without any personal gain from it. pHinnWeb is about one's spiritual growth, as much as cynics may snigger about that. It's about soul. pHinnWeb is about sharing.

pHinnWeb is not about the blind worshipping of DJs and whatever disposable crap trendy
media is trying to brainwash us with. It is not about hype of any sort. It is not about booms or goldrushes. It is not a fly-by-night operation for irresponsible belle de jours with short attention spans. It is not about messing your life up with alcohol and recreational drugs in the names of "hedonism" and "lifestyle". pHinnWeb is not about robots, mechanics, schematics, killer apps or digital gimmicks. pHinnWeb is not about technological speedblindness. pHinnWeb is not about greed for money. pHinnWeb is not about selfishness.

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