Monday, May 17, 2004

George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos is a Greek-American writer of detective novels. I got interested in his works, when some reviews compared him
favourably to the God-like James Ellroy, whose "L.A. Quartet" and "Underworld USA" books really blew my mind. So, I got from local library "Nick's Trip" by Pelecanos and two other works of him, and I'm now reading the former, but I really can't yet say anything about it. Probably it's hard for anyone to reach the amazing levels of Ellroy's ferocity,
perversity and genius, but since the last installment to "Underworld USA", tentatively called "The Police Gazette" is promised only for 2005, I have to satisfy my hunger for hard-boiled crime fiction with something else before that. Let's hope Pelecanos will deliver.

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