Monday, October 10, 2005

Koskipuisto Bulletin Board

An architect working for the City of Tampere criticises on Sunday's Aamulehti the shabby outlook of Tampere's downtown, mentioning among all this public bulletin board of the Koskipuisto Park, where I have been sticking also Eclectro Lounge's posters.

On the other hand, Saturday's free tabloid Tamperelainen tells that a multinational advertising company JCDecaux has a contract with the City of Tampere until the mid-2010s for outdoor advertising. For this deal JCDecaux provides for the City of Tampere its bus stop canopies and their maintenance. Furthermore, as part of this deal, JCDecaux doesn't have to pay rent for its advertisement stands to the City of Tampere. (JCDecaux received some notoriety recently when it stopped the outdoor ad campaign of the animal rights organisation Animalia.)

The tendency here is quite clear: the ads of small underground clubs (with no large advertisement budgets) are an aesthetic nuisance. The glossy underwear and beer ads of JCDecaux, obviously, are not.

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