Monday, October 24, 2005

Eclectro Lounge Has Been Shelved

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Eclectro Lounge of Thursday 20 October 2005 was the last one. It became increasingly frustrating to maintain a club, spend a lot of time and energy to the promotion and advertising when fewer and fewer people bothered to come in. Yes, it's the same whine as usual: in a small country like Finland and a town size of Tampere (pop. 250,000 or something like that) it's hard to keep an ongoing club dedicated to underground music. (Plus there are some other reasons I don't want to go public with.) Anyway, big thanks to Abbas of Apadana that he gave a chance to our club. And of course to all guest DJs who played there: Alexcore, Art Barf-Uncle, Autobass, Lasso800, Matias, Sakke, Sire, Slave To The Beat, Toiminto a.k.a. Joe Nasty and Tuhmatassu.

Now we probably concentrate with Mike Not on the music of Kompleksi, and I hope to have more DJ gigs also in the future for other clubs. The name and concept of Eclectro Lounge are not totally buried, however, but I don't know how probable it would be to continue the club in some other venue.

And this as a comment to a conversation just held with one person (who has nothing to do with Eclectro Lounge): no, I don't think I'm really a cynical bastard. More likely, I am too naïve, don't consider things thoroughly to the end when I should, and sometimes even trust people too much for my own good when I really shouldn't.


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