Thursday, October 06, 2005

[MP3] Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega: "Betrayal"

Here is another demo track as collaboration of Kompleksi and Citizen Omega. The lyrics are inspired by some people I've known...

Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega: "Betrayal" [MP3]


Here I stand before a firing squad
because of someone I mistook for a friend
No cigarettes or last wishes
just waiting for my end

We worked the resistance
under the eyes of the occupation army
Sharing secrets and codewords
he was our best man, so I heard

He liked to talk and convince people
persuasion was his game
Shaking hands and flashing smiles
every night he had a new dame



His shoes were always perfectly shining
at the finest bistros he was dining
His talk seemed to hypnotise
you were in his pockets to utilise

He was always awfully nice
but I guess everyone has their price
How was I to know
he had no soul


Walking that no man's land
between diplomacy and duplicity
He had the world at his fingertips
but loose lips sink ships

Mind betrays the deceitful eyes
and deceitful words betray
untrue eyes

Mind betrays the deceitful eyes
and deceitful words betray
untrue eyes

He was an incredibly swell guy
the best turncoat money could buy
Had to be on the side of the winner
somebody had to pay for his dinner

In the end you stand alone
these people won't admit they once knew you
I knew what fate had for me in store
in the middle of night a knock on my door


This lonely courtyard at dawn
morning dew still covers the lawn
I hear the church bells chime
as I close my eyes for the last time


And more Kompleksi news:

The famous Finnish house music artist and DJ Jori Hulkkonen has played Kompleksi's "Moscow 1980" on his September 16 2005 radio show Klubi on YLEX:

Tracklist: Klubi 16.09.2005
Jori Hulkkonen

DNA: La Serenissima (ZYX)
Star You Star Me: Sweet Things (Ian Pooley Dub) (Moodmusic)
Juho Kahilainen: Prankster Calling (Initial Cuts)
Kalle-M: Dom (Frozen North)
Phonogenic: It Came From 1984 (Phonogenic Audio)
Kompleksi with Polytron: Moscow 1980 (Lal lal lal)
Laurent Garnier: Barbiturik Blues (C2 remix) (F Communications)
ScanX: Emotion (F...U! Fcom!)
Röyksopp: 49 Percent (Angello & Ingrosso Remix) (Wall Of Sound)
* * *
Live: Hundarna Från Söder @ Public Service, 2004

Please Don't
* * *
Onur Özer: 1996 (Freude Am Tanzen)
Ken Laszlo: Don't Cry (Beat Box)
When In Rome: The Promise (10 Records)



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