Friday, October 21, 2005

[MP3] Kommandomixes October 2005 Part IV

You are by now probably totally fed up with our Kommandomixes created "live" in various states of drunkenness, but here's for you even more schizophonia and unhindered musical bad taste from those pHurry pHreaks of pHinnland... Again, online for a limited time.

Mike Not & pHinn: Set I @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Mike Not [MN] & pHinn [pH]

Tangerine Dream: Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmare [pH]
Lalo Schifrin: Bees, Wasps and Mayflies [pH]
One Dove: Breakdown (Cellophane Boat Mix) [pH]
Yes: Close to the Edge [pH]
(One Dove Reprise) [pH]
Munich Machine: La Nuit Blanche [pH]
Nova: Aurora [MN]
Orient Express: Overture [MN]
Jean Michel Jarre: Ethnicolor [MN]
Giorgio Moroder: Tony's Theme (from "Scarface") [pH]
Jan Hammer: Crockett's Theme [MN]
Taco: Puttin' On The Ritz [MN]
Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Albinoni vs. Star Wars (Part 1&2) [MN]
Jive Bunny: Swing The Mood [MN]
Bob Marley: Exodus [MN]
M.I.A.: Fire Fire [pH]
Orbital: Speed Freak (Moby Mutation) [pH]
Hypnotone: Dream Beam [pH]

Mike Not & pHinn: Set II @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Public Enemy: Rebel Without A Pause [pH]
Pop Group: We Are All Prostitutes [pH]
Talking Heads: Life During Wartime [pH]
Brian Eno: Baby's On Fire [pH]
Superpitcher: Baby's On Fire [pH]
Paperclip People: Throw [pH]
Itäväylä: Black Diamond Express [pH]
Church of Carbon: Bela Lugosi Is Dead [pH]
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix) [MN]
Phuture: We Are The Phuture [MN]
Booster: To The Batcave [MN]
Bam Bam: Where's Your Child [MN]
Brandon Cooke Feat. Roxanne Shante: Sharp As A Knife [MN]
Jahlib Feat. Sheila Chandra: Mysteries Of The East [MN]
Cultural Vibe Feat. Glenn Sweety 'G Toby: Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version) [MN]
Jack'n'Chill: Beatin' The Heat [MN]
Kinkina: Jungle Fever [MN]
Code 61: Drop The Deal [MN]
Baby Ford: Children Of The Revolution [MN]
Download: ? [MN]

Mike Not & pHinn: Set III @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Innerzone Orchestra: People Make The World Go Round (Kenny Dixon, Jr mix) [pH]
Prince & The Revolution: When Doves Cry [pH]
Jimi Tenor: Utopian Dream [pH]
Ilsa Gold: Meine Garage (pH]
Human League: Being Boiled [pH]
Adult.: Hold Your Breath [pH]
Duran Duran: Planet Earth [pH]
Plantains: New Wave Girl (Plantains Nu Wave Mix) [pH]
Ping Pong Bitches: Beat You Up [pH]
The Supremes: Lovechild [pH]
Kompleksi: (I Ain't No) Lovechild [pH]
- ? [MN]
Nitzer Ebb: So Bright So Strong [MN]
OhGr: Majik [MN]
Front 242: Principles [MN]
Section 25: ? [MN]
Nitzer Ebb: Warsaw Ghetto [MN]
Front 242: Master Hit [MN]
Skinny Puppy: Rivers [MN]
PIL: The Order Of Death [MN]
Skinny Puppy: Warlock [MN]

Mike Not & pHinn: Set IV @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Skinny Puppy: Warlock [MN]
A Split Second: Kiss Of Fury [MN]
The Creatures: Don't Go To Sleep Without Me [MN]
The Beatles: Help! [pH]
Brian Eno & David Byrne: Regiment [pH]
DJ Shadow: Lost & Found (S.F.L.) [pH]
Kemialliset Ystävät: Metsä [pH]
Mika Vainio vs Chicks on Speed: Flame On [pH]
Large Number: Shy English Hitler [pH]
Martin Fíerro: The Desert Is A Circle (from "El Topo") [pH]
Paavoharju: Valo tihkuu kaiken läpi [pH]
The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby [pH]
The Supremes: Reflections [pH]


All soundfiles available @ pHinnWeb.

In all our mixes we are committed to Kommandomix Manifesto.


Juri said...

Jive Bunny? Youse guys are crazy!

pHinn said...

That's right ;)