Friday, November 18, 2005

Arto Salminen In Memoriam

Finnish author Arto Salminen has died at the age of 46 in his native Hausjärvi. The cause of death was sudden seizure. Salminen was born on 22 November 1959 in Helsinki. He penned six novels which earned him a cult reputation in Finland. Those were Turvapaikka (1995), Varasto (1998), Paskateoria (2001), Ei-kuori (2003), Lahti (2004) and Kalavale (2005). Salminen's books were biting social satires spiced with morbid black humour and ugly characters; criticizing life in modern Finland with its increasingly neo-liberalist politics, the growing power of yellow press, sleazy gossip media and reality-TV. Arto Salminen's death is a serious blow to Finnish literature.

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Juri said...

Maybe he did all he could. There's no life after EI-KUORI, his masterpiece. (The title means the envelope with which you can take part in a competition, but don't subscribe the magazine.)