Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good Dog, Bad Dog

Sometimes it feels we humans are virtually invisible in this society and its cogs of bureacracy. I just visited local welfare office, and received some flak from this cold fish, a bleak blonde woman who had been assigned as someone who makes decisions about the money I get monthly. It was about that one should either leave an application in paper form or have a personal appointment but not both overlapping.

Well, it's not my fault if individual officers have different sort of policies; I only followed the instructions I'd received before from Eija S., an elderly woman and a wonderful welfare officer I had earlier on (so they are actually not all like cold, insensitive robots). I've whined even before here how shitty it is to be unemployed, and submit oneself to the control of state by having to fill all sorts of forms every month. If you're poor, society's pariah class, it seems they want to regulate every move you make. The rich just have a carte blanche.

(And if you Americans or any Finns voting for Kokoomus want to comment on this, please don't bother.)


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